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Keynsham Hockey Academy

For boys and girls in years 7 to 10

Academy training runs during school terms 1 to 4

This runs on Wednesday evenings between the start of September and the end of March from 6pm–7pm at Wellsway Sports Centre, Chandag Road, Keynsham:

The cost of membership is £60 running from each September which covers all training sessions and matches through the winter season.  If you want to join later in the season (eg. after Christmas) that's absolutely fine and we try to be flexible regarding the fee for those joining late.

Once your membership application has been processed, you will be sent an invoice electronically and your parents/carers asked to pay.

Participants automatically become a member of the Keynsham Hockey Club and new members will free a free branded shirt after attending their first four sessions.

Apply to join online

Hoody and Beanie order form
Members can also choose to buy an Academy Hoody and beanie - these are entirely optional purchases.

The training provides is an introduction to hockey including the development of the skills required to move towards club and more competitive school hockey.  It's lead by Level 3 Senior Club coach, Andy Rhys-Jones with support from other club coaches.

If you have any questions please contact Andy Rhys-Jones or any other member of the committee.

Training Programme

Frequently asked questions for parents

What does my child need to wear?
  • Sports Clothing: Trainers/astroturf trainers, shorts/skirt, t-shirt/training top/tracksuit. Football or studded boots must not be worn.
  • Shin pads MUST be worn whenever playing/training for hockey. Gum shields are strongly recommended. Please speak to the coaching team if you have any queries about equipment.
  • Do not wear watches/earrings/other jewellery. There will be a bag on pitch side for valuables to be left in, although the security of this is not the responsibility of either the coaches, the school or Keynsham Hockey Club.
  • There is an order form above for a club hoody and beanie which would be appropriate to wear during training.
What else does s/he need to bring?
  • A drink, preferably water, there will be breaks to take on liquid throughout the session.
  • A hockey stick, if you have one. We will provide a selection of sticks each week, so you do not need to purchase one.
Can they bring a phone with them for emergencies?
These must be switched off or not responded to during the coaching session. The coaches will have a file containing emergency contact details should this be needed.
Toilets/Changing rooms
These are available on-site although are some distance from the pitch. Should children wish to use them, the coaches will advise of where they are, but will not accompany children to them.
What happens if my child need to miss a week?
Should your child be ill and miss a session we are not able to refund the course payment, however in cases of prolonged illness we may grant an exception. It is you/your child's responsibility to inform the coaches of any injury/illness that could impact on their ability to train – before the session starts.
Please encourage your child to listen to the coaches; they are there to help and look after your safety and wellbeing.

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