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Winter 2017/18
DateTimeTeamOppositionVenue Result
September 2017
Saturday 16thLadies' 1st XIYatetbcF Lost 1-6
 11.00amLadies' 3rd XIFrome 3Wellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 2-2
 12.30pmLadies' 2nd XIBadmintonWellsway Sports CentreF Drawn 1-1
 1.30pmMen's 2nd XICity of Bath CKingswood School (Lower pitch)F Won 4-2
 3.00pmMen's 1st XICity of Bath BKingswood School (Lower pitch)F Won 2-0
Sunday 17th11.00amMixed XISouth GloucestershireWellsway Sports CentreLUnknown
Saturday 23rdLadies' 3rd XIWells City AcornsWells Blue SchoolL Won 1-0
 9.30amLadies' 2nd XINailsea 2tbcL Won 1-0
 11.00amLadies' 1st XINailseaWellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 2-2
Saturday 30th11.00amLadies' 2nd XIJaspers 2Wellsway Sports CentreL Won 6-1
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XIRoyal Wootton Bassett 3Wellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-2
 1.30pmLadies' 1st XISomerset Gryphons 2Clevedon School Sports CentreL Drawn 2-2
 2.00pmMen's 2nd XIWeston-super-Mare AWellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 2-2
 5.55pmMen's 1st XIBristol University DCombe Dingle Sports ComplexL Won 8-1
Sunday 1stMixed XIBath CDKingswood School Lower PitchL Lost 4-5
Saturday 7th10.00amLadies' 3rd XIChippenham 4Chippenham Sports ClubL Lost 0-4
 11.00amLadies' 1st XIKnowleWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-5
 11.30amLadies' 2nd XILodwayGordano SchoolL Drawn 2-2
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIOld Bristolians AWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 1-2
 1.00pmMen's 2nd XIMid Somerset AWells Blue SchoolL Won 4-3
Sunday 8th11.00amGirls' U16Mendip U16Wellsway Sports CentreLUnknown
 11.00amGirls' U14Mendip U14Wellsway Sports CentreLUnknown
Saturday 14th11.00amMen's 2nd XIWestbury and UB DWellsway Sports CentreL Won 3-0
 12.00pmLadies' 2nd XIHanhamAbbeywood Community SchoolL Lost 0-2
 12.30pmLadies' 1st XIFirebrands 4Wellsway Sports CentreL Won 3-1
 2.00pmLadies' 3rd XICorsham 3Springfield Leisure CentreL Won 1-0
 2.15pmMen's 1st XIBridgwater AChilton Trinity SchoolL Won 2-0
Saturday 21st11.00amLadies' 2nd XIWinscombe 3Wellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-2
 12.30pmMen's 2nd XIOld Bristolians CWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 3-4
 1.30pmLadies' 1st XIMendip 2Norton Hill SchoolL Drawn 0-0
 2.00pmLadies' 3rd XIFrome 3Frome Sports CentreL Lost 0-3
 2.30pmMen's 1st XIFirebrands CFailandL Won 2-0
Sunday 22ndMixed XIPeelerstbcLUnknown
Saturday 28th11.00amMen's 1st XIOld Bristolians BWellsway Sports CentreL Won 3-1
 2.30pmMen's 2nd XIFirebrands FFailandL Lost 1-2
Saturday 4th10.30amLadies' 2nd XIClevedonClevedon School Sports CentreL Lost 2-4
 11.00amMen's 2nd XIBristol and West CWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 3-4
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XIWells City AcornsWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-5
 2.00pmLadies' 1st XINorth SomersetWellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-1
 3.30pmMen's 1st XIWestbury and UB CCombe Dingle Sports ComplexL Won 10-1
Sunday 5th1.00pmGirls' U14Team Bath Buccs U13FailandLUnknown
 1.00pmMixed U14Team Bath Buccs U14BtbcLUnknown
Saturday 11th11.00amLadies' 1st XIOld Bristolians 2The Stirratt PitchL Won 2-1
 11.00amLadies' 2nd XIOld Bristolians 4Wellsway Sports CentreL Won 7-0
 12.15pmLadies' 3rd XIRoyal Wootton Bassett 3Wootton Bassett SchoolL Lost 0-2
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIShepton Mallet AWellsway Sports CentreL Won 4-1
 4.00pmMen's 2nd XINorth Somerset BGordano SchoolL Won 4-3
Saturday 18th11.00amMen's 2nd XIMendip AWellsway Sports CentreL Won 10-0
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XIChippenham 4Wellsway Sports CentreL Lost 1-3
 2.00pmLadies' 1st XICheddarWellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 3-3
 2.30pmLadies' 2nd XIMid Somerset 2Wells Blue SchoolL Won 1-0
 2.30pmMen's 1st XINorth Somerset AGordano SchoolLUnknown
Saturday 25th10.00amLadies' 1st XIRedlands UWE 3UWE Frenchay CampusL Won 2-0
 11.00amLadies' 3rd XICorsham 3Wellsway Sports CentreL Lost 1-3
 12.30pmLadies' 2nd XIShepton Mallet 2Wellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 0-0
 1.30pmMen's 2nd XIClifton Robinsons DRedmaids High SchoolLUnknown
 2.00pmMen's 1st XIClifton Robinsons CWellsway Sports CentreL Won 2-1
Sunday 26th11.30amMixed XIOld BristoliansThe Stirratt PitchLUnknown
 11.30amMixed XIPeelersThe Stirratt PitchLUnknown
Saturday 2nd12.15pmMen's 1st XIBridgwater BChilton Trinity SchoolLUnknown
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XIFrome 3Wellsway Sports CentreL Lost 0-3
 2.00pmMen's 2nd XISouth Glos AWellsway Sports CentreL Drawn 2-2
Saturday 9th12.00pmMen's 2nd XIFirebrands EFailandLUnknown
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIFirebrands DWellsway Sports CentreLUnknown
Sunday 10th11.00amMixed XIBath CDWellsway Sports CentreLUnknown
Saturday 16th1.30pmMen's 2nd XIWeston-super-Mare APriory SchoolLUnknown
January 2018
Sunday 7th11.00amMixed XIBath CDWellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
Saturday 13th9.30amLadies' 1st XINailseaGordano SchoolLAwaiting
 9.30amMen's 1st XIOld Bristolians AThe Stirratt PitchLAwaiting
 11.30amLadies' 3rd XIWells City AcornsWells Blue SchoolLAwaiting
 12.30pmLadies' 2nd XINailsea 2Wellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
 2.00pmMen's 2nd XIMid Somerset AWellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
Sunday 14th2.00pmGirls' U14Westbury and UB U14FailandLAwaiting
 2.00pmMixed U14Westbury and UB U14tbcLAwaiting
Saturday 20th11.00amLadies' 1st XISomerset Gryphons 2Wellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIBridgwater AWellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
 2.00pmLadies' 3rd XIRoyal Wootton Bassett 3Wellsway Sports CentreLAwaiting
 3.00pmLadies' 2nd XIJaspers 2Hanham Woods AcademyLAwaiting
 5.30pmMen's 2nd XIWestbury and UB DCombe Dingle Sports ComplexLAwaiting
Sunday 21stMixed XISouth GloucestershiretbcLAwaiting
Saturday 27th11.00amLadies' 3rd XIChippenham 4Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 11.15amLadies' 1st XIKnowleMerchants AcademyL 
 12.30pmLadies' 2nd XILodwayWellsway Sports CentreL 
 1.00pmMen's 2nd XIOld Bristolians CMerchants AcademyL 
 2.00pmMen's 1st XIFirebrands CWellsway Sports CentreL 
Sunday 28th11.00amMixed XIOld BristoliansWellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIBristol University DWellsway Sports CentreL 
Saturday 3rd9.30amMen's 1st XIOld Bristolians BThe Stirratt PitchL 
 11.00amLadies' 2nd XIHanhamWellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.30pmMen's 2nd XIFirebrands FWellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.00pmLadies' 1st XIFirebrands 4Abbeywood Community SchoolL 
 2.00pmLadies' 3rd XICorsham 3Springfield Leisure CentreL 
Sunday 4th2.00pmGirls' U14Wotton under Edge U14Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.00pmMixed U14Royal Wootton Bassett U14 MixedWellsway Sports CentreL 
Saturday 10th11.00amMen's 1st XIWestbury and UB CWellsway Sports CentreL 
 1.30pmMen's 2nd XIBristol and West CWinterbourne AcademyL 
Saturday 17th11.00amMen's 2nd XINorth Somerset BWellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.30pmMen's 1st XIShepton Mallet AShepton Mallet Leisure CentreL 
Saturday 24thLadies' 2nd XIWinscombe 3Sidcot SchoolL 
 11.00amMen's 1st XINorth Somerset AWellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.00pmMen's 2nd XIMendip ANorton Hill SchoolL 
 12.30pmLadies' 1st XIMendip 2Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.00pmLadies' 3rd XIFrome 3Frome Sports CentreL 
Sunday 25th11.00amMixed XIPeelersWellsway Sports CentreL 
Saturday 3rd11.00amMen's 2nd XIClifton Robinsons DWellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XIWells City AcornsWellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.00pmLadies' 2nd XIClevedonWellsway Sports CentreL 
 2.30pmMen's 1st XIClifton Robinsons CRedmaids High SchoolL 
 4.00pmLadies' 1st XINorth SomersetGordano SchoolL 
Saturday 10th9.30amLadies' 2nd XIOld BristoliansThe Stirratt PitchL 
 11.00amLadies' 1st XIOld Bristolians 2Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.15pmLadies' 3rd XIRoyal Wootton Bassett 3Wootton Bassett SchoolL 
 12.30pmMen's 1st XIBridgwater BWellsway Sports CentreL 
 1.00pmMen's 2nd XISouth Glos ABradley Stoke Community SchoolL 
Saturday 17th10.00amLadies' 1st XICheddarWells Blue SchoolL 
 10.00amLadies' 3rd XIChippenham 4Chippenham Sports CentreL 
 12.30pmLadies' 2nd XIMid Somerset 2Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 1.30pmMen's 1st XIFirebrandsClevedon School Sports CentreL 
 2.00pmMen's 2nd XIFirebrands EWellsway Sports CentreL 
Sunday 18thMixed XIBath CDKingswood School Lower PitchL 
 Mixed XISouth GloustershireKingswood School Lower PitchL 
Saturday 24th11.00amLadies' 1st XIRedland UWE 3Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 12.30pmLadies' 3rd XICorsham 3Wellsway Sports CentreL 
 1.00pmLadies' 2nd XIShepton Mallet 2Whitstone Community CentreL 
Sunday 25th1.00pmGirls' U14Firebrands U14FailandL 
 1.00pmMixed U14Firebrands U14tbcL 

Number of fixtures: 126

Fixture details may change during the season.  We will do our best to keep this website up to date, but it is a player's responsibility to keep in touch with their captain regarding their availability and to confirm match details.

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